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Want a quick 20-minute fix or wondering what to do with the day-old leftovers 👀 You need a brilliant breakfast or dinner idea that will knock your family’s socks off…

Welcome to the Blue Band Food Inspiration center, where we help you achieve the perfect balance between taste and nutrition while growing happy and healthy kids. Look out for the various enticing dishes you can make with Blue Band for kids and grown-ups alike here.

Whether it is a healthy breakfast, a hearty lunch, or a quick family dinner, you can count on Blue Band to be the perfect ingredient to inspire your inner chef or foodie 😊

Familly cooking time with blueband
Blue band healthy and happy family

Bake and Bond

Baking has always been a fun time to bond, with friends or family - especially when you use Blue Band Baking Margarine

Blue Band Baking Margarine is a buttery flavored margarine made for any moment spent in the kitchen with your loved ones. The buttery aroma will have you tantalized and wanting the pastries in the oven!

Whether you are a top baker or an amateur baker, we got your back.

Blue band cakes

Not just for baking

Thanks to the variety of Blue Band products that are in the market such as the original Blue Band spread, Blue Band Peanut butter, Blue Band Mayonnaise, Blue Band canola oil and Blue Band Baking Margarine you are not limited to creating breakfast meals only. There are plenty of dishes to be tried which one can have for lunch, dinner and as a snack too. 

Whether it is githeri for lunch, add a spoon of Blue Band to it and see the delightful difference or breakfast pancakes you’ve been meaning to cook, add Blue Band Peanut Butter to transform them into a sweet snack for the kids. If you are a lover of salads, use Blue Band mayonnaise as a delicious salad dressing and with baking, whip up that cake’s taste with our Blue Band Baking Margarine. 

If you’re feeling a little adventurous today and you want to wow your family and friends with some delicious recipes, check out our recipes page for loads of simple but tasty meals that are easy to make. There’s a little something for everyone here at Blue Band!

Use Blue Band for a variety of dishes


Peanut Butter Banana Bread




Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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