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At Blue Band Kenya, we understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is because it re-energizes our bodies with nutrients needed to kick start the day. When it comes down to it, no one wants to start the day off on a low note.

A balanced breakfast is especially important because breakfast is the first meal that happens after the longest gap. “Break the fast”, they said.

Rule of thumb: Don’t let your kids skip breakfast.

Breakfast skippers have been known to have less concentration and energy throughout the day. Not ideal for school-going children.

Ensure your kids get all the six good start vitamins as well as Omega 3 and 6 from Blue Band to get them through the day.

Breakfast not only energizes the kids, but it also boosts their brain’s performance, meaning better concentration and active participation in class!

Nutritious and healthy breakfastblue band
Tasty meal made with blue band band

A Blue Band Breakfast mission for mum too!

Why not whip yourself some delicious breakfast after the kids have gone to school? Or better yet, why not join them as they are having their own breakfast?

Having breakfast is just as important for grown-ups as it is for the young ones. Making a healthy Blue Band recipe at the beginning of the day can jump start your morning, making it easier for you to concentrate at work, plan your families’ activities and energize you the entire day.

Having the kids seeing you enjoy Blue band with your crispy toast or in your Wimbi porridge will help them build great breakfast habits in the long run. Getting them to eat their breakfast will be easy task once they know that mum is having her breakfast as well.

A good breakfast equals a fun breakfast

You can also make breakfast a fun morning routine by making these tasty Blue Band filled dishes together with your kids, what a way to excite them in the morning.

Do fun activities with them while making sure that they get their daily required nutrients found in all our Blue Band products

From the simple spread of Blue Band Margarine on bread (a Kenyan classic by all means), to adding Blue Band into your baking mix, Blue Band recipes continue to evolve every day with limitless creativity. These recipes will make your kids look forward to breakfast each morning and leave them geared up for the day.

These recipes range from food recipes to tasty smoothies; from quick meal on-the-go to fun filled extra time making hearty meals

For a little more adventure and a quick energy boost, we recommend the delicious Blue Band Peanut Butter Smoothie which will leave the kids wanting more. There’s truly something for everyone with Blue Band.

Make you and your kids’ mornings fun by trying out the delicious Blue Band recipes on the recipe page.