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To make sure you and your kids get enough vitamin A, we’ve put together an amazing list of the meat, fruit, vegetables and spreads you can eat to increase your vitamin A intake. Each and every suggestion is one that will help you strengthen your immune system, help your skin and more. Keep reading for our suggested sources and a few recipes too.

    Perfect Sweet Potato

Originally from South America, the orange fleshed sweet potato is available almost all over the world, and it’s a really rich source of vitamin A. Not that this makes it a cure to vitamin A deficiency, but it can help you and your family improve the vitamin A in your diet. Boil them, mash them and add a spoon of Blue Bland spread for a super snack or healthy base for any curry.

    Tasty Tuna Fish

Freshly cooked or right out of the can, Tuna is another delicious source of vitamin A. It can also be added to a pasta dish or other warm meals. One idea is to combine tuna with baked sweet potato and a little bit of Blue Band spread with a fried egg on top. When put together it makes a really delicious meal you can eat for dinner, lunch or breakfast.

    Brilliant Blue Band

Perfect for a variety of reasons, Blue Band is a marvellous way for your family to get a little more vitamin A on a daily basis. You can use it to make morning eggs, add it to breakfast toast, a muffin or even melt it and mix in some herbs to create a delicious dressing for rice and ugali. Make sure you use Blue Band in your home to add its taste and nutrition to your food, whether you’re roasting, baking or frying.

    Hello, Mango

For more than one reason, mangoes are another family favourite in the world of vitamin A, and a treat for all who eat them. Packed with goodness, this unique yellow fruit is basically all vitamin C and A – making it the sweetest way to help your immune system fight unwanted illnesses and protect your skin. In a fruit salad, part of dessert or on its own, the mango is a special way to eat more vitamin A on any given day.


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