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Our Story

We are pioneers in the production of margarine in Ghana. For over 60 years, Blue Band has remained a breakfast staple, offering a winning combination of great taste and good nutrition for the family. 

Blue Band was born out of out of our passion to provide quick, healthy and nutritious meals to grow great kids.

Over the years, Blue Band has retained its market leadership and consumer loyalty by producing quality product you can trust.

The round pack shape of the Blue Band tub is very iconic to West Africans, starting off in a round tin that has evolved into the round tub we have today. We are very proud of our brand growth and to date, we continue to partner moms in providing tasty and nutritious Blue Band meals to their families.

Blue Band – Grow Healthy And Happy Kids

We want to be your preferred choice when it comes to choosing the right and vital ingredient in making meals tasty and healthy.

We want to be the brand that continues to provide you and your family with nutrition with every product.

We want to be the brand that is accessible to not just few but to all.


Do you have questions about our products, ingredients or recipes?

We're here to help. Feel free to contact us:

Ghana Careline: +233 307084827
WhatsApp: +2349039555728