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Blue Band Low-Fat Spread for Bread is the ideal option for anyone who values a health-conscious low fat diet, but doesn’t want to miss out on the full flavour of Blue Band.

Due to its low fat content it is only suitable for baking and frying, but it’s still delicious on toast, sandwiches, omelette and so much more! Every mouthful is made up of selected healthy fats and vital vitamins that deliver important essential fatty acids to the body; fatty acids that the body requires for growth and development, but cannot produce. Making sure that everyone eating Low-Fat Blue Band receives exactly what their bodies’ need from their daily diet.

Blue Band Spread for Bread contains 6 Good Start Vitamins:

  • Vitamin A – For vision and a healthy immune system
  • Vitamin D – For growth and development of bones and teeth in children
  • Vitamin B6 & B12 – Helps convert food into energy
  • Niacin – Assists in the making of blood and body cells
  • Folic Acid – Essential for development of unborn babies
  • Nutrition Facts
      Per 100g 
    Per 20g
    Energy (KJ)
    Protein (g)
    0 0 N/A
    Carbohydrates (g)
    0 0 N/A
    Carbohydrates of which Sugar (g)
    0 0 N/A
    Total Fats (g)
    20 4 N/A
    Saturated Fats (g)
    10 2 N/A
    Monosaturated Fat (g) 8.1 1.62 N/A
    Polysaturated Fat (g)
    1.9 0.38 N/A
    Trans Fatty Acids (g) 
    Dietary Fibre (g) 0 N/A
    Total Sodium (mg)
    197 N/A
    Vitamin A (µg RE)
    1000  200 30 
    Vitamin B6 (mg)
    Vitamin B12 (µg)
    0.6 30 
    Vitamin D (µg)
    Vitamin E (mg ά-TE)
    1 15 
    Folic Acid (µg)
    80 30 
    Niacin (mg)
    3.6 30 

    *RDA = Recommended Dietary Allowance