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  • Is it correct that butter is a natural product and margarine or a fat spread is not natural?
    No, Margarine or fat spread is made from natural edible vegetable oils, water and permitted additives as per local regulations.
  • What is margarine or a fat spread made of?
    Margarine or Fat spread is made from a blend of edible vegetable oils, water and permitted ingredients as per local regulations.
  • Is it true that margarine is one molecule away from plastic?
    No, the major ingredients in spreads are fat and water. Chemically, plastic has a completely different molecular structure than the fats present in spreads or butter. Spreads are nutritious and safe and have been part of a healthy diet for years.
  • What is the history of margarine?
    Margarine was developed over a 100 years ago as butter alternative by a French food chemist called Hippolyte Mege-Mouries. France was experiencing a butter shortage and Napoleon offered a prize for a butter substitute that could be spread on bread.
  • What are the benefits of margarine or a fat spread?

    Blue Band Original can be used for spreading, cooking & baking, made from plant oils and have the nutritional benefits of these plant oils. Blue Band Originalis a source of essential fats and also provides vitamin A, D, B6, B12, Folic Acid and Niacin. For more info see ''Margarine and a balanced diet''.

    Blue Band Spread for Bread is recommended for spreading and is a source of essential vitamins A, D, B6, B12,  Folic Acid and Niacin. For more info see ''Margarine and a balanced diet''.

  • What is hydrogenation of fat?
    Hydrogenation is the process by which liquid oils are converted in to firmer fats. This process is well established and used all over the world to enable the use of vegetable oil in producing various products. The process of hydrogenation is similar to the biohydrogenation, which takes place in the digestive system of ruminant animals such as cows.
  • Should we avoid hydrogenated fats?
    Only partial hydrogenation leads to the formation of trans-fats. However, fully hydrogenated oils hardly contain any trans-fats. Blue Band Original & Blue Band Spread for Bread contains virtually no trans-fat.
  • What is the difference between butter and margarine or fat spreads?
    Margarine or fat spreads are plant-based spreads. They are predominantly made of plant oils and plant-based fats. Butter is a fully animal-based product, made from milk fat.
  • Is it true that margarine can only be made in a factory?
    On big scale, margarine is made in factories. However, you can also make it at home. Making margarine is basically a process of mixing and cooling. See [page with DIY margarine?] to make your own margarine.