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BlueBand celebrates 100 delicious years of raising healthy & happy kids

September 14, 2023,
For a century, trusted in 45+ countries worldwide, BlueBand remains one of the most trusted and beloved brands for taste and nutrition for healthy and happy children. Since 1923, it has set global quality standards while continuously innovating to redefine and support generations to flourish.

Originating in the Netherlands, BlueBand has, over the decades, carved its path across Europe, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, LATAM and beyond. By adapting from refrigerable to room-temperature formats, it has spread its goodness across global markets to become a trusted daily breakfast companion by mothers, parents, and kids worldwide.  

Mr. Tim Verbeek, President – Africa, Middle East & Asia Pacific, stated, "BlueBand’s unshakable trust and acceptance results from our rooted commitment and passion for disruptive innovation. For the last century, we have constantly remained true to what matters most to families, and we have always honoured and respected the partnership we have built with them for generations. As BlueBand enters the next growth phase, we will continue to harness innovation as we have always done and stay closely connected to our consumers. This has been the recipe of our legacy”. 

In the 1930s, which were the early days of BlueBand, as the world was just beginning to become aware of vitamins, BlueBand seized the trend and infused A&D vitamins into its fat spreads, championing health-conscious choices for consumers. From there, it used plant-based fats to engineer a better ease of spreadability and answered an essential demand of the hour. As taste was always important and flavour cravings escalated, the brand also infused a buttery flavour into the product, indulging consumers with greater choice.

In the health-conscious 1970s, BlueBand was already ahead of the game with its 40% low-fat spread. Then, notably, 1998 saw a ground-breaking move to sachet packs, which made it affordable to many more consumers who could also enjoy the goodness of BlueBand.  

The hallmark of its century of innovation then came with omega 3&6 being added to the product, which also aligned with global health standards. As Omega 3&6 is essential for heart health and absent in the human body’s production, it further established BlueBand’s place in staple diets. 

Mr. Kosala Hewamadduma, Chief Marketing Officer – Asia, Middle East & Africa, and Global Marketing Head for BlueBand added, “Every minute, 12 families worldwide share a BlueBand meal. That’s our legacy’s strength. Beyond fat spreads, we have ventured into mayonnaise, peanut butter, and porridge. We are now looking for the next big innovation that will define new growth opportunities for the brand and shape the future in line with consumer relevance, acceptance, and expectation. We are excited to get on the next phase of the journey, and we thank our global family for having made BlueBand a daily part of their lives, mirroring the joy we have had in sharing it with them."


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