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Blue Band has been kid’s favourite for over three decades. Generations after generations we have delivered on our promise of bringing great tasting plant-based nutrition to your tables. We believe in being sustainable and innovative, and continuously strive to grow healthy and happy kids. For over thirty years, we have been dedicated to playing its part in helping the kids of Pakistan become strong, healthy and happy individuals who also give back to the world. Blue Band is a must have on every breakfast table for a great start to the day!

The Delicious & Nutritious World of Blue Band

Discover our range of Blue Band so you can create mouth-watering dishes for yours kids and the entire family. Taste and health come in every shape and size! 

Impact of a Healthy Meal

Be it an important exam day, a big game, or just another breakfast meal, no matter what daily adventure your kid is about to go on, they need a nutritious and delicious-tasting meal packed with essential nutrients like Vitamin A & D which give them the right energy to achieve their dreams. A wholesome meal helps your kids grow, learn, perform well and face whatever may come their way.

Make everyday cooking deliciously fun


Fun Food Everyday


Festive All Around


A Great Start

Blue Band