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Food For A Healthy Mind

Everything you eat has a different effect on your body thanks to the different nutrients that make up your meal. From belly-busting, low-fat ingredients to energy rich meals and even brain boosting food, what you eat has a huge impact on how you look, feel and think.

Try including these, as well as other, nutrient rich foods into your diet as much as possible.


Famous for its brain boosting ability, fish is renowned for being full of essential Omega 3 oils. Delicious on a hot day, during a picnic or inside beside your family and friends, fish is a delicious brain boosting food.

Top tip: Pan frying your fish fillets in some Blue Band Margarine will give them a delicious golden glow.


High in iron, spinach is a great brain food. Iron helps the brain learn new subjects and remember interesting information. Try to make it a regular addition to one or two dishes in the week to help your home’s young minds strong.

Top tip: Why not transform your spinach dish into a family favourite that is simply bursting with flavour? Cook your scrumptious spinach leaves in a pot with two tablespoons of Blue Band Margarine, fantastic feta cheese, half a cup of milk, a dash of salt and a sprinkle of pepper, and voilà – you’ve got incredible creamed spinach!


Rich in Vitamin C, which can really help your brain, strawberries are really delicious and a great snack to have lying around the house. Your kids (and the rest of your family) will love coming home to a tasty bowl of these treats.


Famous for their high content of vegetable protein, minerals, calcium and fibre, beans are a delicious addition to any salad and stew. They give meals a really well-rounded, wholesome taste and bulk up every mouthful you munch, making sure your family is really well fed.

Try and incorporate some of these great foods into your weekly diet for improved sharpness and health.