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Parenthood entails huge responsibilities. You need to look after every aspect of your child’s life – from health and development to education, all the way to personal growth. With this, the responsibility of shaping these pure souls into successful individuals also lies on your shoulders.
Studies show that only 20% of the population sets goals, and 70% out of them fail to achieve the goals. As your kids grow up, start goal-setting activities with them to shape their habit for the shorter and longer terms. Back-to-school jitters are very common in kids and goal setting can help overcome the anxiety.

Here are 4 ways you can help your child set back-to-school goals:
  • Start by brainstorming together on what they have in mind. It is important to listen. You may ask the following questions to understand their minds better:

    • What's your favorite/least favorite subject?

    • What's your favorite/least favorite subject?

    • What's your favorite/least favorite subject?

    • Who is your favorite superhero and why?

    • What’s something you wish you could achieve?

    • If you were the king/queen of the world, what would you do?

Discuss the purpose of their goals and help them refine their visions. How would their goals help others and themselves?


  • Break the big goals into a goal ladder and make a to-do list. For example, if they want to win the school race this year, the to-do list would have:

    • Maintain a sleeping schedule

    • Ensure a healthy, nutrient-rich breakfast with Blue Band to start the day

    • Finish homework between 5 – 6 pm

    • Walk for 20 minutes at 6:30 pm every day + Running for 10 minutes (This can gradually increase)

    • Register for the race as school starts

  • Brainstorm potential obstacles and discuss how to overcome those. Talk to them about handling failure. Questions like “What would you do if you feel like giving up?” and “What would you do if you could not achieve your goals” form an important aspect of goal setting and teach kids about dealing with the positives as well as negatives.

This strategy comes under WOOP:

  • Wish – Picture the goal you want to achieve.

  • Outcome - Imagine the result of achieving the goal; how would it feel and what would it do?

  • Obstacles – Visualize the things that can hold or have held you back from reaching this goal.

  • Plan - How can you respond to these obstacles and overcome them to achieve your goals?

The experience of setting goals for back-to-school ensures greater success and engagement and teaches your kids the hack for a successful life ahead.


Bonus tip: In their growing age, children need more energy since their metabolisms are fast and their bodies absorb more nutrients. It is important to give them the right nutrition to prepare them to achieve their goals actively. The one goal that needs to be added is of a healthy breakfast, rich in Vitamins and other nutrients, as well as healthy fats since kids attain between 25 – 35 % of their calories from fats alone.
Blue Band for breakfast deliver Vitamins A and D that improve vision, help with bone growth and development, and support healthy immune system. Blue Band further contains Omega 3 and 6, two fatty acids that improve heart health and ensure healthy development.

A healthy start ensures a productive day!